CHARM is Hiring!

CHARM Informatics Ptd Ltd (CHARM) is a Melbourne based medical informatics startup that seeks to develop an open, scalable, aggregatable medical data monetization platform capable of integrating any connected external medical device.   While there are a number of companies focused on doing this for a single device or within the confines of a hospital or primary care facility, CHARM is unique in that it is focused on connecting devices designed for use outside the hospital in the therapeutic, diagnostic, rehabilitation, and activity tracking areas leveraging its licensed technology and proprietary data monetization strategies.

CHARM will act as a fee for service provider to its clients providing connectivity to its HIPAA compliant platform, software, APIs, and data management, so they can concentrate on their core competency of generating medical data with their devices.  CHARM will enable clients to commercialize their connected products faster, at a lower cost, gain access to new data monetization opportunities, and be part of a “sticky” eco-system with a high switching cost as Payers do not want 500 devices on 500 separate platforms; they want 1000+ devices on a single platform!

CHARM has licensed technology from Canary Medical and received funding from BioScience Managers, a Melbourne based fund working in cooperation with the Australian Government, to commercialize its platform ecosystem focused initially on the United States and Australian markets.  CHARM’s development and business plan forecasts a commercial launch in Q1 2019 and has its first commercial client commitment in place.

In support of its staffing needs, CHARM will provide competitive salary, benefits, and stock ownership opportunities for its employees in an exciting and dynamic start-up environment.


For more information contact:

Jeff Gross, PhD
CEO – CHARM Informatics
Phone:  1-858-230-0570


Job Descriptions:


Technical Lead 

  • Background
    • 10+ yrs experience as an IoT software developer and application developer that has incorporated large scale data management
    • Experience in the telecommunications and/or banking industry preferred
    • Experience with data transmission protocols and data encryption
    • Experience with system wide architecture development
    • Experience managing small groups of programmers (2-6)
    • Strong connections in the Melbourne IT and programming community, both personnel and consulting firms
    • Demonstrated success at delivering complex integrated software products/projects on time
    • Demonstrated project management skills and experience in putting together a team of software experts
    • Highly motivated self starter who is comfortable taking direction from CEO remotely   (note:  CEO resides in San Diego, CA and will be in Melbourne approx. once a quarter, but will be in contact daily or as needed via phone)
  • Responsibilities
    • Will be responsible for developing and maintaining a project plan for the development of CHARM’s IoMT ecosystem
    • Will report to the CEO and be responsible for providing quarterly product development progress reports and updates
    • Will supervise and provide leadership to a staff of 5 software developers based in Melbourne
    • Along with the CEO, will supervise, coordinate, and provide direction to a range of external consultants developing aspects of the CHARM IoMT eco-system


Software Developers/Software Engineer/Software Coder/Software Architect

(will hire 5 positions over the course of 5 quarters with 2 being hired asap after the Dir of Programming position, want Dir of Programming’s input into staffing the team)

  • Background
    • Will want a mix of the above skill sets.  Given the small number of positions, each individual will have to have multiple skill sets
    • Ideally would want 2 Sr. Level people (10+ yrs experience) and 3 Jr. Level people (5+ yrs experience) in the areas of Software Development, Coding, Architecture
    • At least one of the Sr level staff should be considered a back up for the Dir position within 2-3 yrs.
    • All should have experience with IoT Software development, application development, and large scale data management
    • Need at least one person with experience in data transmission technology (WiFi, BlueTooth, other) and encryption protocols
    • Demonstrated experience meeting deliverables on a tight timeline
    • Experience working in a start-up environment (preferred)
  • Responsibilities
    • Will work in a team format on developing aspects of the CHARM IoMT ecosystem
    • Will work with a variety of consultants on developing aspects of the CHARM IoMT


Administrative Assistant 

(will want this in Month 2 or 3)

  • Background
    • 5+ years experience as an administrative assistant
    • Detail oriented with good follow through and willing to work in a start up environment
    • Willing to be “on call” outside normal business hours given the unique multi-national nature of the company
    • Experience working in a previous start up environment preferred
    • Basic accounting experience (preferred)
    • Experience with entering/maintaining information on Quicken Books and/or other financial input software
    • Experience arranging world-wide meetings/video conferencing using programs such as GoTo Meeting
  • Responsibilities
    • Book and manage travel for company staff
    • Schedule and manage teleconferences and meetings in support of staff requirements
    • Maintain accounting system appropriately categorizing and logging all transactions
    • Coordinate with external contract Accountant to produce quarterly financial reports
    • Assist the CEO and the Dir of Programming in producing quarterly project reports and presentations for the BoD
    • Schedule and manage logistics for quarterly BoD meetings
    • Coordinate with outside council/paralegal support in managing a log of Intellectual Property filings